Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Asjusa abogados has, since its creation, been dedicated to working towards the improvement of our society through its corporate social responsibility work; based both on the firm´s commitment to the project as a whole as well as the individual members of the firm.

This social commitment includes working with non-profit entities and associations as well as the creation of a pro-bono program providing legal counsel and training to disadvantaged entities and persons.

Along with social commitments, Asjusa abogados is also dedicated to working towards improving the environment and has for many years worked as a paperless office with recycling programs in place.

Finally, in order to promote a healthy balance between the personal and professional life, the so-called work/life balance, Asjusa abogados has implemented and employed advanced technological resources in order to allow remote working

We collaborate with non-profit organisations

We are proud to work with:

Fundación Inocente Inocente
Asociación Bokatas
Fundación Theodora
Fundación Abra Cadabra

The Pro-bono Program

Our Pro-bono program arose so as to allow us to offer, for free, legal counsel and legal training to non-profit organisations as well as groups of vulnerable or disadvantaged people. The Asjusa Pro-bono program encompasses legal support, free legal defence, training and advice to vulnerable of disadvantaged people, non-profit organisations in order to collaborate in their aims. Asjusa abogados personnel who participate offer the highest levels of professionalism and seek to contribute, through the practice of their professional activity, to the improvement of the society in which we all live.

The Paperless Office

Asjusa is dedicated to the environment for that reason implemented the paperless office protocol encouraging responsible use of paper products and recycling programs. We also implemented document management resources.

The Work/Life Balance

We are aware of the importance of being able to balance family life with the working life and that is why we have developed a range of policies to encourage a healthy balance. These include tele-working where we have provided all of our professionals with ability to work from home while still having all of the necessary resources available to them.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The full text of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is available in PDF format. This document details our commitments and highlights the recent challenges faced during the last year in social responsibility.

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