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In accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, dated July 11, on Services in an Information Society and on Electronic Commerce, we inform you that the domain belongs to Asjusa Letramed 1998, S.L. (ASJUSA), based at Calle Alcalá, 85, 28009 Madrid ( As such, the all elements in the rendered pages at that domain (which include, among others, text, graphics, photographs, logos, icons, animations, images, sounds, audio, video, documents and software, etc.), both taken individually and collectively, are the exclusive property of ASJUSA and therefore are subject to the rights of intellectual property and protected by national and international legislation.

Asjusa accepts that access to and use of this website is granted to the user; who is understood to be anyone interested in its content.

The user commits to make proper use of the published content on the website and not to use content for activities, which under current legislation, are considered illegal, unlawful or contrary to good faith and public order, or which in any other way involve a breach of the right to honor, personal or family privacy or reputation or break any of the rights as recognized by national or international law. Equally it remains prohibited the use of any of the content of this website in any way which might result in damage to hardware or software systems of ASJUSA, its suppliers or third parties.

Any form of reproduction, use, modification or distribution through any medium (Paper, CD-ROM, web) without express permission of the webmaster is prohibited. Any form of spreading viruses or programs damaging to ASJUSA´s hard or software is equally prohibited.

Conditions of access and use of the website are governed by the provisions of Law 34/2002, dated July 11, on Services in an Information Society and on Electronic Commerce.

The user may view the content, print it and store it as long as this remains solely and exclusively for personal use; it still being prohibited to distribute, use in a commercial nature, modify or alter the content. The user may, for his own use, download those documents attached on the understanding that they remain subject to ASJUSA´s copyright and/or its authors and that the reproduction either in part or as a whole for purposes other than those described remains prohibited.


ASJUSA is not liable for any loss or damage arising from access to or use of the information contained in this website. In this sense, the user assumes personable responsibility for his use of this site. This responsibility includes when registration is needed to access certain content. Similarly, ASJUSA shall not be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by service interruptions, errors, delays, technical problems or equipment failures that may occur when connecting to the network and, in general for any inconvenience caused by factors unrelated to ASJUSA or being due to willful misconduct or negligence by the user or third parties.

ASJUSA cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements beyond its control that may cause damage or alteration of any kind to the users´ computers or computer systems.

Finally, in order to carry out improvements and maintenance, ASJUSA reserves the right to discontinue this website, temporarily and without notice to perform repairs, modifications and improvements thereof, without incurring liability.


ASJUSA owns all rights to intellectual property of this site. According to current legislation on the matter, copying, reproduction and / or communication of any content provided on this site with a commercial profit-making end shall be unlawful and violate the rights of ASJUSA regarding any of the content contained therein.


ASJUSA reserves the right to modify this legal notice in accordance with the regulatory changes that come to pass, as well as doctrinal lines set by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, all of which will be appropriately modified in this website in order to inform all users or interested parties of the contents and services offered by ASJUSA.

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