The firm

The Firm

Asjusa Abogados was founded in the nineties and since its inception has become one the leading firms working in the area of healthcare law in Spain. Nowadays, Asjusa Abogados is a market leader in providing legal defence in actions regarding healthcare civil liability matters, setting the benchmark for the sector, as well as providing consultancy services to the leading institutions and businesses working in the sector.

Experience acquired over years of work in the field of healthcare liability has led us to become highly specialized in other branches of insurance and civil liability with expertise acquired in the area of industrial workplace accidents and workplace risk prevention, professional liability, public administration liability, banking insurance and general civil liability insurance.

The Firm is comprised, currently, of more than 25 lawyers and has offices in both Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. The Firm´s structure and organisation allows us to comprehensively address all of our clients´ legal requirements.

Asjusa Abogodos prides itself on being known and respected for the personalised service we provide to each and every one of our clients and for the proven success of our consultancy, services and advice.

We count among our clients today some of the most important insurance companies, scientific societies, clinics, laboratories and companies working in the sector.

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If you are currently studing towards a law degree or have already completed your studies we offer the opportunity for you to join our team.

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