Pablo Montalvo Rebuelta

Pablo Montalvo Rebuelta_300x300Partner of Asjusa abogados.

Practicing lawyer and registered in the Bar Association of Madrid since 2003. Specialist in Healthcare Law, Civil Liability and Public Institution Liability and Insurance Law.

Manager of Administrative Litigation Department at Asjusa abogados

Responsible for Asjusa abogado Corporate Social Responsibility projects including charitable work and donation allocation

Member of the Clinical Trials Ethics Committee in Hospital Universitario Niño Jesús de Madrid, Madrid since 2008

Lecturer in several courses in healthcare professional liability Lain Entralgo Agencia, Madrid since 2010
Regular lecturer at Rey Juan Carlos University and other academic institutions
Co-author of a number of books and publications in the realm of Healthcare Law and Pharmaceutical Law.


Law degree from Autonoma University, Madrid.

Other Professional Roles

April 2015                              Guest professor on Master in Public Health at Rey Juan  Carlos University

2015                                        Guest Lecturer on Masters on Healtchare Law, CESIF- Eupharlaw

December 2014                     Guest Speaker at Puerta de Hierro University
Hospital for the Conference on Legal Medicine, Infectology and Pediatrics

April 2014                               Guest professor on Master in Public Health at Rey Juan  Carlos University

March 2014                            Lecturer on the Advanced Course on Employers’ Liability with the Asturian Administration.

January 2014                          Guest Lecturer on Master in International and European Business Law, University ICADE, Madrid.

February 2013                        Guest Lecturer on Master in International and European Business Law, University ICADE, Madrid.

2013                                        Speaker at SEAIDA conferences “Medical Liability and Insurance”

2012                                        Speaker at SEAIDA conferences “Medical Liability and Insurance”
Speaker at Princesa University Hospital on Clinical Research.

Books and Articles

March 2009                            Author, article, “The patient enjoys permanent protection, implications for research” published in La Gaceta de Negocios

2010                                        Co-author, book, “Bioethics and Pediatrics” – chapter “Conflicts and Legal Limits in medical research on minors” published by the Madrid society of Pediatricians

2012                                        Co-author, book, “Challenges for legal professionals facing a globalized society”, published by Aranzadi

March 2012                            Author, article, “Regarding transparency of price setting for medication and the new European Directive” published by

2012                                        Co-author, speech, ““Towards unification of compensation systems in personal injury claims. A European Table of Damages” UNIJES Conference; Legal Challenges in a Borderless Economy

October 2012                         Author, article, “German Healthcare in Spain”, published in Diario de Sevilla

2013                                        Author, article, “The position of the courts regarding lawsuits involving plastic and aesthetic surgery”, published by CESCO Journal

2013                                        Co-author, Chapter, Volume 23 for XXII Healthcare Legal Professionals -“Incongruence and the courts; Informed Consent and Vaginal Child Birth”

2014                                        Author, speech, “New demands of ruling 536/2014 regarding clinical trials on humans” given at Autonomous Regions Conference on Legal Patient Protection.

October 2014                         Author, speech, “Problems with the compensation system for clinical trials in Spain”, given an ACNEI Conference I

July 2015                                 Author, article, “What if I need to go to the doctors during my EU vacation?” published by national newspaper, La Razon in “A tu salud”.