Eduardo Asensi Pallarés


Member of the Madrid Bar Association since October 2000. Member no. 68591

Managing Partner of Asjusa-Letramed. (

Member of the Ethics Committee, Research Clinic at Niño Jesus Hospital, since 2004

Member of SEAIDA (International Insurance Law Association Spanish Section)


Honorary Professor in the medical faculty of REY JUAN CARLOS UNIVERSITY, Madrid, since 2009

Professor on “Master in Legal Practice” program (Master de Acceso a la Abogacía) at ICADE UNIVERSITY, Madrid teaching Professional Civil Liability of the Legal Professional, 2013

Professor on “Masters in Patient Safety” (Master de Seguridad del Paciente) program provided by the HEALTH MINISTRY, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012

Collaborative Lecturer on “Masters in Healthcare Law” (Master de Derecho Sanitario) at Castilla-La Mancha, 2008-2010

Guest Lecturer on “Master in Legal Practice” (Master de Practica Juridica) at CARLOS III UNIVERSITY, Madrid since 2011 teaching in the Commercial Area on the Insurance Contract in Spain

Guest Lecturer on the “Master in International and European Business Law”, ICADE UNIVERSITY, Madrid 2012 and 2013 – classes imparted through the English Language

Lecturer on many course on healthcare professional civil liability in National Health School (Escuela Nacional de Salud)

Lecturer on many courses on healthcare professional civil liability in LAÍN ENTRALGO AGENCY, Madrid.

Member and Collaborator in SEAIDA

Director of Conferences on Healthcare professional civil liability and Insurance, organized by ASJUSA-LETRAMED and SEAIDA, 2012 and 2013

Legal Expert and Member of the Spanish Healthcare Risk management Association (AEGRIS)

Regular legal expert contributor to weekly medical journal, DIARIO MEDICO

Regular legal expert contributor to EL MEDICO INTERACTICO, in the design and drafting of legal training correspondence courses for specialists in the area of Ear, Nose and Throat, Internal Medicine, Emergency Care, Gynecology and Pneumology Specialisms


Co-author of Book: Bioethics and Pediatrics, Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha Pediatrics Society, 2010. “Legal Conflicts and Limits in Clinical research on Minors”

Co-author of Book: Judicial Evidence, La Ley, Madrid 2008 (First Edition). “Problems with Evidentiary Activity in OBGYN in Pecuniary Liability of the Public Administration. Case law criteria in the flexibility of the burden of proof.”

Co-author of Article: “Biomedical Research and Biobanks”. Case Notes, 2010. Fundación Puerta de Hierro on Biomedical Research

Author of Article: “Observational Studies: The Presumption of Illegality”, La Gaceta, Thursday 18 February 2010

 Co-author of Article :“ The Handling of Unusual Risks by the Administrative Contencious wing of the Supreme Court: Rare or Exceptional Decisions?” Diario Medico, Tuesday 27th April 2010

Co-author of Correspondence Training Course: “Legal Risk in Medicine for the Medical Specialist”, Groupo Saned, Sanidad y Ediciones, S.L. 2011

Author of Article: “The Necessity of Legal Awareness in Practicing Medicine“ El Médico Interactivo, nº 1121. May 2011

Author of Article: “Against Trade, regarding the creation of Spanish donor register of bone marrow”, Diario de Sevilla. 2nd February 2012

Co-author of Article: “Feeding a healthy child: is this a new duty for the doctor?” Diario Médico, 27th June 2012

Co-author of Book: Challenges facing the Legal Profession in a Global Society, Volume 7, Healthcare Law, Chapter 1, “Clinical Trials and the Law: Justifying the licensed law professional on Clinical Trial Committees”, Editorial Aranzadi, 2012

Author of Article: “Public Pricing Laws: A Risk for Medical Professionals”, Diario Expansión, 27th January 2013

Co-author of Article: “Data Protection and Healthcare: Permanent and Flawless Work”, Gent-T, The EuroEsoes Journal, January 2013

Author of Article: “Public Pricing Laws: A Risk for Medical Professionals”, El Médico Interactivo, nº 1141, March 2013

Co-author of Article: “New Technology and Scientific Voyeurism”, Diario de Navarra, 27th January 2013

Co-author of Healthcare Law Manual: “The Insurance of Civil Liability in the field of Healthcare”, Chapter 50, Volume III, Thomson Reuters, Arranzadi, June 2013

Co-author of Book: Remembering Francis Lefebvre: Access to Legal Practice, Chapter “The Civil Liability Insurance for the Law Professional”, organized by the Faculty at ICADE University. September 2013

Co-author of Study: “The Evolution of the Loss of Chance Doctrine in Medical Liability”, published in issue 8 of CESCO Journal, January 2014


Regular Speaker at different conferences and events held by Scientific Associations, Healthcare Organizations and Professional Associations

“The Medical Professional´s Civil Liability and Insurance”. Masters in Patient Safety in the Ministry of Social Policy and Equality. Madrid, 7th April 2011

“Nexo Causal Flexibility: Evidentiary easing and the loss of chance”. Zurich Seminars. Madrid. 2nd June 2011

“Justification of the Legal Professionals presence on Clinical Trial Committees: Their Provision” Challenges to the Global Society. ICADE University. Madrid. 27th June 2011

“Vaccines and Legal Obligation”, VII National Conference of Healthcare Journalists. Granada. 21st ,22nd , 23rd October 2011

“Healthcare derived liability: The evolution of the loss of chance doctrine”, Lain Entralgo Agency. Madrid. 29th February 2012

“Liability in the Healthcare field: Loss of Chance Doctrine”, Asturian Public Administration Institute. 26th April 2012

“Legal responsibility and medical residents”, Ramon and Cajal Hospital and Cheisi Laboratory. Madrid. 17th May 2012

“Problems of Cross Border healthcare”, UNIJES Conference, organized by ICADE, ESADE and DEUSTO Universities.Bilbao 25th June 2012

“European Citizens´ Rights and Cross border Healthcare Provision”, Spanish Association of Legal Professionals in the Healthcare sector conference XXI. Salamanca. June 2012

“Legal Risks in Oncology”, training course provided by MERCK. Madrid. 15th November 2012

“Liability for Healthcare Harm: Contradictions in Processes against Public Administrations”. SAEIDA Madrid. November 2012

“Liability for resident guardians”, Guadalajara Hospital and Chiesi Laborotory. 9th and 16th May 2013

“Assault against the medical professional”, GRUPEMA XV Anniversary. 23rd May 2013

“Healthcare: optional and essential personnel in healthcare centers and provision”, Conference on Civil Liability Insurance Today, SAEIDA, 13, 20, 27 May and 3 June 2013

“Contention Measures in the Healthcare and Social Care Fields: studying the appeal to the principle of proportionality”, Spanish Healthcare Legal Professional Conveference XXII. Toledo. 6th June 2013

“Direct Action against the Insurance Company”, Zurich Claims Department. June 2013