Training Area

Training Area

Asjusa Abogodos has a great deal of experience in teaching and training having always combined the professional procedural activity of the firm with keen dedication towards teaching and training.

For over fifteen years we have provided legal training in the healthcare sector to undergraduates, post-graduates, new graduates, and professionals working and studying in healthcare sciences, medicine, psychology, social work, sociology, physiotherapy, nursing, podiatry, nutritional science, pharmacology and clinical laboratories.

We provide training programs, practical workshops, theory courses and tailored programs in legal healthcare matters to personnel working in both the public and the private sector in the field of health or healthcare, medicine, biomedicine and research.

Likewise, given the important nature of sensitive personal data in the area of healthcare, we provide training courses specifically addressing the matter of personal data protection to public and private institutions and enterprises whose personnel handle sensitive personal data.

We have great experience in carrying out needs assessments and providing didactic development of courses for scientific societies, healthcare groups, foundations, institutions and research centers.

Asjusa Abogados legal professionals regularly and actively participate in a range of conferences related to healthcare civil liability and insurance law giving speeches, reports and joining discussion.

We collaborate on some of the leading post-graduate programs specializing in the primary professional areas of activity of the Firm and have close teaching relationships and roles in several leading universities. We hold collaboration agreements with various third level institutions to provide curricular and extra-curricular work experience programs for university students.

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